Enterprise QE Strategies

Transformation Maturity Model

Conventional QA

Manual testing team assisted by automation developers to build automation test scripts.

Automate QA

Digital transformation to implement 360 automation platforms

Cloudify QA

Set up the scalable and optimized cloud-based QA operations and build the data lake for QA

Predictive QA

Leverage the historic data from data lake integrate power of AI to build a Predictive QA operation model

Enterprise QA – Strategy

Customer Empathy based QA

Requirement based QA

360 Automation Platform

Automation Framework

Whole team QA

Test Team QA

Quality Built- in

Quality as a after thought

QA as a culture

QA as a functional group

Key Goal: Establish QA as a culture and not as a functional group only in the organization. Bring about the quality-built in approach in the software delivery process.