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Digy4 has established 4 pillars of services that serve to differentiate us from other QA/QE service organisations.

Digy4 Talent

We have firmly established ourselves as a stalwart in the Quality Engineering Testing industry. You will find that we have a global pool of trusted talent. When it comes to your company, you wouldn’t want a generic talent. We mostly source talent from our trusted network. Our global pool of talent is dependable and are servicing various geographic locations; primarily USA, Canada, UK and India. We offer you an extra layer of trust by conducting multi-level evaluations by industry experts. Our evaluation entails looking beyond technical skills and observing soft skills and project management skills as well. We also assist you in implementing a champion mindset in your team so as to influence better QE adaption and acceleration.

Digy4 Academy

Immerse your company in a Global expert-based training program. When you rely on us for any resources, you can be sure that you will have access to training programs by our industry experts. We will introduce you to all aspects of Quality Engineering through various rich confluence based self and trainer driven training courses. It is our goal to offer you hands-on training and experiential learning experiences.

Digy4 Product Ecosystem

We provide ready to use tools and frameworks that can be adopted by our clients readily. We aim to help you accelerate QE transformation by facilitating an adoption of the tool rather than building the tool from scratch. Our tool adoption model will enable you to save both money and time. However, if you do wish to build a custom tool, feature or framework, you will have access to our full stack Product Development team who support our product development department. They will assist you with our deep expertise in development in building frameworks and custom tools as per your requirements at fastest speed and with latest technologies in overall IT industry.

Digy4 Ops Model

Digy4 Ops (Operational) Model is based on our deep experience in IT delivery management in global organizations. We firmly believe in data-driven and success-oriented program management. We will set up for your project operational governance model and status reporting. Through the Digy4 Ops model, we offer a robust strategic guidance at daily and engagement level, whereby we gather information, convey it to the relevant team, register the feedback and institute change. We ensure regular engagement with the customer. View More

Our Quality Built In Model entails a unique approach that allows us to give value to every customer. Every single company stands to benefit a lot from such an approach, but it is important to understand how to implement it.

We begin with a Customer Impact Based QE. We ensure that your testing team goes beyond its technical requirements and performs customer-use based testing as well. It is vital that your team builds knowledge regarding customer needs. as it will help expand company coverage. This may seem like a time-consuming process, but we help you to shave down those hours through our 360ׄ° automation platform. This robust platform promises 360° integration of several frameworks and the different phases of testing:

  • Test automation
  • Test management system
  • Test infrastructure
  • Test reporting

The purpose of our comprehensive platform is to promise a continuous testing platform, making automation robust and end to end. Your company will be able to fulfil increased levels of test coverage while saving time, as there will no longer be dependency on time taking manual testing processes. Any and every team will be able to run tests and get feedback through automated test pipelines. We make the testing tools available to all the project team and aim to build in a self-service mode. So that every project team member, even beyond QE team can run tests and gather feedback on demand.

We believe in Quality Built-In rather than Quality as an afterthought. We establish Quality as a culture as opposed to an operation owned by one functional team. We assist your company in maintaining Quality feedback from Day 1 as we are committed to implementing quality in the entire delivery process. View More

We propose a multi fold steps for transformation path.

Automate QE: We begin with a strategic path in QE transformation and maturity models by converting your manuals models of testing into digital models. We assist you by maximizing the automation of testing process through a 360 ° automation platform where all your tests will be run digitally through automation.

Cloudify QE :As your automation increases the need for digital infrastructure rise, we help to transform your automation to cloud based operation by our strategic Cloudify QE tools and approach, making the automation operation scalable on demand and optimizing the cost. We will equip you with our in-house tools to run parallel tests to reduce your test operation cycles.

Predictive QE: Finally, we will also strategically guide you to adopt AI based predictive QE models based on your operational data and industry-based AI Data science and Data Engineering models. Wherever you are in the maturity model, Digy4 team is committed to partner with you to take your QE operations to the next levels.

Through these different stages of maturity, we will transform your QE operations into a high fast paced delivery operation and reduce time to market for your products and projects, but at the same time allows you to maintain quality and deliver with confidence. Keep delivering with Quality at optimized cost! View More

Our engagement model helps us to engage with you in various ways.

Tools and Technology Integrators: We offer out of box tools and technologies that can be integrated into your ecosystem. With our rich experience of tools development, we can help you with out of box tools or build custom tools based on your needs.

We assist you as system integrator to integrate Digy4 and Industry level tools in your ecosystems. We can train your team on tools adoption by training them on the best practices.

Consulting Services: Digy4 industry experts with decades of experience in QE industry can engage with your team for assessment as a consulting service to review your current process, technology and people model. Based on assessment we will provide you strategic guidance to build the next generation QE team.

Managed Services: Our full-scale managed service QE program has been expertly curated so as to allow us to manage QE services for you. Digy4 industry experts will handle the Test Management, Automation and QE Delivery management for your organization. Our best-in-class talent pool globally will work with your project team to ensure your products and projects are delivered with quality and on time.

Resource Augmentation: If you need to augment your current team with QE talent with specific skillsets, we can provide you with best-in-class QE talent from our trusted talent pool globally. Our QE expert driven multi-level evaluation processes always ensure you get the best talent in the shortest time. View More

To get a better understanding of the robust and comprehensive services we offer, you can follow this link.

Our industry experts have rich experience in the field and offer expertise on these tools.