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Bring Your Own Cloud

Get your own highly scalable, cost effective, cross browser and device farm infrastructure, within your own cloud. Get this at a click of a button.

Ability to save test run records and view the trend of your automation runs across various teams and applications and application versions.

Scale at Large for Parallel test execution.

What else you get with Digykube

Scale quality

Enhance your testing frequently with complete control over your test and access to in-depth test insights.

Comprehensive Coverage

Don't be stuck with one test at a time. Run multiple test cycles in parallel and scale test execution at large on multiple browsers


Keep your data safe and secure with DigyKube cloud testing services which ensure leak-proof testing and an effective environment.

Pay as you go

Get the best testing environment with top-notch features at minimal expenses. Run in-depth tests without any price-based boundaries.

Helping Hand

We can help you from writing your first automated tests to onboard all your automation suite to DigyKube. We will travel with you to reach your destination!

Shift-left testing, Fast & Secure Integrations

Seamless CI/CD and Framework integration.

Out of box integration, save time on integration, accelerate automation implementation.

Agile, Effective Test Runs

Run multiple cross-browser cloud tests

Test every use case across all browsers and dimensions using a single powerful platform.

Visualize. Debug

Show trend of automation execution and reduce the time it takes to identify the cause of failures.

Our intelligent dashboard allows you to drill down and identify failures of a specific test run, pinpoint the cause and fix the issue quickly. Visual session replay allows you to go back and re-watch previous test executions allowing you to replicate previous tests.

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